18 month Photos | Savannah | Nicole McDaniel Photography

Miss Savannah and her mamma came in today for her 18 month photos and it was so wonderful to see them!  I have been taking their photos since she was in mommy’s tummy and it is always so great to see my babies again!  She is getting so big and looks exactly like daddy!!!  It was a perfect session, and she was a perfect little girl!!

baby photographer

Two gorgeous ladies here!! Mom made these matching dresses for their photo session.  She owns mywilddaisy.com and makes some beautiful items.  Go check out her shop!!!

denver photographer

Miss Savannah loved all of my “bebes” that I had at my studio.  She was carrying around a big pink bear for most of the time there.  We had to hid that one for a little bit and we swapped it out with this cute little crochet bunny!!  She had a big happy smile for us 🙂

child photographer colorado

We had to contain her on this cute little bench.  Being the spunky little 18 month old that she is… she was all over the place and we had literally 5 seconds to get the good shot before she was off 🙂  How darling is she though in the beautiful gown.  I keep my studio stocked with pretty dresses for girls and cute little outfits for boys!

LOVE this new tieback from my lady at Lavender Grey

I am so happy that we had a chance to do these photos!  Mom and dad have been super busy with just getting married and now building their home that we were not sure it was going to happen!  Till next time 🙂