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Baby Photographer Rochester MN

Meet baby boy Bennett.  He came to the studio yesterday at just 9 days fresh.    First thing I thought when I saw him was – oh goodness look at his cheeks!!  He was over 9 lbs of sweet adorableness!!!

newborn boy image

He is adorable huh?

Bennett you were made for pictures.  You did such a good job, and you sure are cute!  This pose here is always a favorite of mine.  Babies always look just as peaceful as ever!

Mom and dad had requested dark blue for his photos, and I think it looks perfect on him.

baby lips

There is no way I can do a newborn photo session without getting this shot!  These cute little lips!  I LOVE photos of the little things.  I feel like these are the things that will be forgotten so easy as babies grow.  I sure wish I had cute detail shots of my babies~

sleeping newborn image

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!  I am actually very surprised I got him in this tiny bowl.  Nothing a good wrapping job cant do 🙂

Floor shots like these are always my favorites.

Bennetts chunky cheeks are in pure perfection here… if I were mommy I would be smooching them up all the time!


We worked hard for this shot.  He was not so much feeling the bucket 🙂

BUT I tend to win always… im patient and slow.  Once I got him all adjusted in here, he was snug as a bug!


Thank you so much for choosing Nicole McDaniel as your Minnesota newborn photographer! I am so happy to have captured such special moments in your life!

I hope to see Bennett again for a 6 or 12 month session!!