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Rochester Newborn Photos

Oh goodness did I have some cuteness today!  The perfect little baby girl came in to my studio today for her newborn photos.  Miss Ella was just darling!  I am so excited to share with her parents the adorable pictures we got!

first baby photos

Precious huh?  I LOVE babies in all white.  Just fully showing off all the sweetness that they have.  It just screams PURE and SOFT to me!!!

Miss Ella loved being on her back!  Her little toes all snugged up 🙂

baby photographer

Mom asked for rustic feeling.  I LOVE my old barn wood, and I knew it would be perfect for Ella’s session.

Ella just looks so cute in this little bucket.  I love her relaxed and snug!

Infant photographer MN

My favorite from Ella’s newborn photo session.  I LOVE LOVE this one! The old rustic wood and bucket, with the delicate lace.  It may not look like it to you, but she was so relaxed in this bucket.  She even laid her little arm over the bucket like that.  I am definitely a lover of a baby in a bucket! 🙂

newborn baby Rochester

MOM wad dying over this photo!!!

Dad is a farmer, so they were set on a little cow outfit for their little dairy princess 🙂

Her little foot hanging down kills me!  Just so little and cute!


Maternity Photos

I am so excited to share these maternity photos I did for the gorgeous Breezy!!!

She was nervous that she would not look good for pictures… but she is stunning!!!  We had so much fun today!!!  We started off with doing a makeup session, then had lost of fun playing dress up and taking photos!!  I literally felt like I had known her for years… it was a blast and she looks so gorgeous!

Pregnancy photographer

Beautiful, right?!?

She was a natural!!  Can you believe she is due to have a baby next week???

maternity images

This is going to  be their first baby and I am so excited that I got to capture this special moment for her!!! They don’t even know what they are having yet… how exciting.  I am no where near patient like that, I had to know the second I could!

I really LOVE this image.  It shows the simplicity, beauty, peach of the pregnant mom! It is airy, soft and just beautiful!!!!

Minnesota pregnant mom

Yep, this one is my favorite!  I don’t remember what we were talking about… but it made her laugh!  The perfect laugh… got the most gorgeous pregnancy glow!  To think, a week from now she will probably be holding her little baby.

gorgeous maternity images

These pictures are going to be cherished for a long time.  I can not wait to meet her sweet little baby, and get my baby fix in.

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer!!!!

Pine Island MN Newborn

Meet Bryce, 10 days old and just ADORABLE!!

Minnesota baby photos

I was so excited for our newborn photo session today!! I went to school with Bryce’s mom, so it was nice being able to snuggle her little guy!

When I first saw Bryce, I about died.  He is 10 lbs of pure perfection.  I can hardly contain myself when I get a chunky little baby like this.  I just want to go in and kiss his little cheeks!  I am a little jealous that momma gets smooches whenever she wants 🙂

Baby photos in Minnesota

This photo is my favorite from the session!  I am so very glad that I picked out one of my bigger buckets, and had that ready.  I don’t thin he would have fit in my other ones!

He was SO picky on what side he wanted to lay on in this shot.  I turned him, moved him around and he just kept being persistent.  I finally had to move all my lighting and positioning around.  Whatever makes the babies happy, right?

newborn Pine Island MN

Here is a close up of his adorable features.  Look at his squishy cheeks and his long lashes!  He also has so much hair!!!  I always love this pose, to show off the sweet little baby bits!

newborn sibling photos

Gahhh, really?!?  How perfect are all of these boys?  4 boys!!!  I think mom is going to have her hands full, watch out ladies 🙂

These little guys were all SO good during the photo session, they listened to everything and followed right along!  What proud big brothers!


Thank you so much for choosing Nicole McDaniel Photography for your Pine Island MN Newborn photos! I look forward to seeing your little guy again and capturing more fun times in your family’s life!

Rochester Baby Photos

Today I got to meet baby Tessa for her 7 month photos.  From the second I saw her, this little princess was full of smiles for me!  I loved doing her photos!

7 month photos

Her tongue!!! ADORABLE!!!!

She was so happy… you can tell when babies get super happy, that little tongue comes out!

I LOVE this picture so much… the deep rose pink, the smiley baby, and the cute little baby butt!!

7 month photo session

Tessa possed her self here and I LOVED it!  She loved rolling around in the blankets and it just turned out so beautiful.  She looks so sweet and innocent…

Miss Tessa is the youngest of 3.  Three beautiful girls… I was so happy to meet them all today!  These girls were so good, and so excited for photos!

Child pictures

This sweetie is the tom boy of the family 🙂  LOL you cant tell by this picture.  5 years old and full of fun!!!!  She was super ticklish and I told her I was going to tickle her… that always gets a good fun smile!

Child photos

And here were are, full of girl attitude 🙂 Here is out biggest girl, at 6 year old going on 21! HEHEH, she was a little poser and you can tell she will have tons of attitude and spunk for her parents!

But she is so gorgeous, and knew just what to do for photos!

I loved taking photos of all 3 of these girls!!! I am so excited to continue to watch them grow!!!!

Thank you so much for choosing Nicole McDaniel Photography for your baby session!!!

Baby Photographer Rochester MN

Meet baby boy Bennett.  He came to the studio yesterday at just 9 days fresh.    First thing I thought when I saw him was – oh goodness look at his cheeks!!  He was over 9 lbs of sweet adorableness!!!

newborn boy image

He is adorable huh?

Bennett you were made for pictures.  You did such a good job, and you sure are cute!  This pose here is always a favorite of mine.  Babies always look just as peaceful as ever!

Mom and dad had requested dark blue for his photos, and I think it looks perfect on him.

baby lips

There is no way I can do a newborn photo session without getting this shot!  These cute little lips!  I LOVE photos of the little things.  I feel like these are the things that will be forgotten so easy as babies grow.  I sure wish I had cute detail shots of my babies~

sleeping newborn image

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!  I am actually very surprised I got him in this tiny bowl.  Nothing a good wrapping job cant do 🙂

Floor shots like these are always my favorites.

Bennetts chunky cheeks are in pure perfection here… if I were mommy I would be smooching them up all the time!


We worked hard for this shot.  He was not so much feeling the bucket 🙂

BUT I tend to win always… im patient and slow.  Once I got him all adjusted in here, he was snug as a bug!


Thank you so much for choosing Nicole McDaniel as your Minnesota newborn photographer! I am so happy to have captured such special moments in your life!

I hope to see Bennett again for a 6 or 12 month session!!

Newborn Photos

Come check out Addeson!  Addeson came to me for his newborn photos on Friday!  The second I saw him, I was smitten!  His cute chunky monkey cheeks won me over!  At just over 8 lbs he was ADORABLE!

baby boy nowborn


HONESTLY could he be any cuter?  Addeson put himself into this pose 🙂  I still do think that this is one of my absolute favorite poses for little boys.  Look at this rolly little arms… has to make you smile!

Minnesota Newborn photography

We worked hard for this image!!!!  He was making me work for it.  EVERY time I touched his hands or head he told me what he thought about that!! LOL, but look at what the hard work pay for!  This image is absolutely adorable!

Love that mom requested a light grey and blue.  I think Addeson looks great on this color!

baby toes rochester MN

I cant do a session without getting the baby toes 🙂

These little toes will soon be walking all over the place.  They will only be this small for a very short time! I love capturing the small things that we will soon forget!

Rochester MN newborn photos

First set up of the whole session and my FAV!

I LOVE doing monochromatic images.  I love all of the grey’s in this image… for me it really just makes baby Addeson the center of attention!

If I were mom and dad I would be blowing this image up big!!

Addeson, you were such a good little baby for your first photos!  I loved capturing such a special moment in yours and your families life!  I hope to see you again as you get bigger!!!


If you are located in the Rochester Minnesota area and looking for newborn photos contact me!  We book only 4 sessions a month, and would love to work with you!