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Newborn Rochester MN

Meet sweet baby Issac, at just 10 days old.

Professional photo studio MN

I will tell you right from the beginning, this sweet baby boy was just amazing today!  He was zonked when he arrived at my studio, and he slept almost the entire session.  He did wake up for a few minutes to eat, and he also decided to poo all over me 🙂  I always tell the parents, it’s just part of the job, and that it’s totally ok.  BUT it still is so funny every time it happens.  I walked away with a shirt full of poo!

BUT he did give me an adorable smile after he pooped… and I got a pic of that!  SO I guess it was worth it!

newborn images

Isnt he just darling!!!? This family drove to me right after 2 feet of snow!  They were bound determined to get great newborn photos!  I so appreciate that!

I always love this pose with babies.  I shows off their cute chubby cheeks… and let me tell you, I just wanted to smooch them so bad!  I did resist, however!

baby lips

Speaking of adorable little baby features… look at this!  Sweet little baby lips! I know momma will love this one… she is probably giving him smooches all over these lips!  I cant do a session without getting these macro images.  These are the small things that will so easy be forgotten as he gets bigger!

Baby posed for photos

Love using blue on boys!

I also got a ton of great images with him and his siblings.  Issac is the youngest of 4.  I was happily surprised to see how amazing his siblings were.  I hardly heard a peep out of them, and they gave me great big smiles for their photos with him.


Thank you so very much for coming to my studio for your newborn session!

I appreciate you choosing me, and can not wait to see Issac for his 3 month session!

If you or someone you know needs a newborn, baby or maternity photographer, you know where I am!


Newborn Boy Jaxson

Yesterday was my second newborn session being back in the Rochester, Mn area.  I got to take baby photos of newborn boy Jaxson!  Him, his momma and his grandma traveled from Wabasha just to come get their pictures by me.  That made me feel pretty special, that they liked my photos that much!

Rochester Minnesota newborn boy

I about squealed when I got him in these cute little pants!

This pose always wins me over.  Look at his adorable little baby rolls!  Every time I do this pose, I die a little bit in time.  Just the cuteness overload of the rolls, the little toes and his cute chubby cheeks.  It is just simply the best newborn pose.

Newborn fingers

This image here is for grandma.  She was so excited to see the little fingers! I LOVE macro images of newborns.  I believe they are one of the things that are so easy forgotten.  Mom and dad will take hundreds of images of his cute little face….  BUT these cute little fingers are just this small once.  My personal preference, but I love leaving all the dry flakes of skin on there.  It really just shows how little and new he is.  Just 14 days old, and oh so fresh!

Professional newborn boy photos

LOVE me some wrapped babies.  Newborns are so bendy and they just love to be all snug as a bug in a rug 🙂  I think this image may be my favorite from Jaxson’s photo session!

sleeping newborn

Is he not the cutest? I just wanted to squeeze him right up! Jaxson, I so look forward to doing more photos of you as you grow up!  Mom already talked about her next sessions.  You are going to be so big next time I see you!!

Thank you so much for choosing Nicole McDaniel Photography, I know you have a lot of options when it comes to your Rochester MN Newborn photos!

If you or someone you know is interested in maternity, newborn or baby photography please send them to me 🙂

Baby Boy Lawson!!

Meet 7 week old Lawson! He was Amazing for his baby photos yesterday!  NOW, I do not normally do newborn photos after 3 weeks.  Lawson however is my best friend’s baby.  She was due at the end of December, and I knew our move was going to be just after she had him.  There was no way on earth we would not try our hardest for some sleepy baby photos.  With that said, Lawson was my first 2017 baby, and my first Minnesota newborn!

Rochester MN Baby Boy

Is he not the cutest little baby every!  I have had the privilege of snuggling him quite a bit lately.  Ashley and I have been best friends since we were in grade school.  Lawson is her 3 boy.  I am the godmother to her oldest, Talon.  I am so extremely excited that I am now living back in MN so that I can watch them grow up!

AND I’m sure she is excited to have an overload of amazing photos too!!

Rochester MN Baby

I am honestly SURPRISED that we got naked baby, sleepy photos! I mean, I knew we would get some great photos.  BUT at 7 weeks old I was not expecting such newborn looking images.

I love this one cause his cheeks just look so chunky monkey! It was so fun posing him with all of this baby chub!  I am so used to being able to hold a baby in one hand!

Baby smiling Rochester MN

Does this make you smile or what?!  Both mom and I were just waiting, and we knew he was going to let out a smile.  I was getting ready to move and give up… and he popped this one fast.  I cant believe I got it, I was not ready, and it was fast.  I love getting little baby smiles, I wonder what he is thinking.  Probably that he loves me, and he is happy I’m home in Minnesota too!

Rochester MN baby toes

A newborn photo session is not complete without the BABY TOES!  I know I have said it 100 times… but don’t you just want to eat them right up?!?

OR is that just me??


Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you love the photos you saw, and the memories forever captured.

If you or someone you know is interested in newborn, baby or maternity photos in the Rochester MN area please share my site!

Rochester MN Newborn Photography

Finally, it is Official!!! Nicole McDaniel Photography is moving!  Rochester Minnesota and surrounding area will be my main focus, and clientele.  My professional studio will be located in Pine Island, 10 minutes north of Rochester.  I will still be focusing on newborn, baby and maternity photos.  I will also be starting up a boudoir section to my work.  I love the art of the body, and boudoir is something I have always loved!

We will be moving to Minnesota February 8th.  I will be getting my studio ready.  I have so many props and clothing.  Everything you need for your photo session is there and ready! It will take me a few days to get up and running.

Baby photosinfant photos Rochester

Exciting News

SO to launch my business there in Minnesota, I need your help!  I am going to be giving away 4 newborn sessions!! FREE!!  2 ladies due in February and 2 ladies due in March.  I will also be offering highly discounted sessions for ladies due in March, April, May and June.  So how is this going to work!?  I want you to share this blog post! I want you to tag your friends who are going to have babies!!  First 4 ladies that secure the Free sessions will get those!  The discounted sessions are first come first get too!! I am a mom of 4, and also run a makeup business.  With this being said, I will ONLY be taking on 4 TOTAL photo sessions per month.  These discounted sessions will book up fast!!!

To make it even better… every person that shares this blog post will be entered to win a free session of their choosing.  Family, baby, senior, maternity, newborn, boudoir!  I will give away 1 FREE session to a lucky person that shares this.  The winner will be drawn live at a later date!

MN newbornNewborn Minnesota

I am so excited to be capturing the beautiful babies and expectant moms in Minnesota.  The mid-west is my home, and it will be great to be back! If you are pregnant and due anytime in 2017, get a hold of me.  I look forward to working with you all.  Capturing the love of a new and growing family!

Contact me to book your photo session!

Rochester MN Newborn Photography

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Moving to Minnesota!!!

Hello all my lovely followers!  I am so excited to share with you all that Nicole McDaniel Photography is relocating to Rochester, Minnesota!!!!  We have been in the amazing state of Colorado for the last 10 years, but we are very excited to move home.  I started my photo business in Minnesota what seems like a very long time ago, and I am so excited to be back!  So lets get to the nitty gritty and dish out all the info!


We will be moving in February 2017.  My studio will be located in Pine Island, Minnesota, which is only 10 miles north of Rochester.  I will still be focusing on newborn, baby and maternity portraits.  I will only be doing a select few family portraits, for my loyal clients.  I am also very excited to announce that I will also be starting boudoir photography as well!!!!  I AM SO EXCITED for this!!!! I have always LOVED the art form of the human body!  While doing the boudoir I will be incorporating my Younique makeup business too, for full on makeovers!

I am going to be releasing more info soon.  I will be doing a GRAND opening at my new studio, offering moving incentive prices and a few giveaways… SO Stay tuned!!!!!!!  You wont want to miss this!

I had such a wonderful time yesterday for Harry’s newborn photos!  He was the sweetest little guy, and his big brother was just as amazing for his portion of the photo session!  Harry had the most amazing hair I have seen in quite some time.  It was a full head of dark hair with the slightest touch of blond highlights sticking out.  As soon as I saw this sweetie in his car seat I was tickled!!!

baby boy

This one here is one of my favorites from the session.  We were all done with our prop shots and I laid him on the bean bag and this just happened…. his little toes sticking out is just too perfect!!

Newborn photos in rochester

I adore this one!  This grey set up goes so perfectly with little Harry!!!  And like I said in the other image… how perfect are his little toes and hands.  Harry is a big boy for the family… He is just over 8 lbs.  His big brother was born a month early and was itty bitty… so Harry is a chunk in comparison!

baby photos

Ok we worked really hard for these naked bean bag shots!  Harry here was not so keen on being un wrapped and laid down 🙂  He was much more interested in snuggling and eating with mamma!  But at the end of the session we finally tuckered this cutie out and got some adorable naked shots!

Rochester MN newborn

Adorable, huh?  I just LOVE sibling images.  They melt my heart.  Most times than not, my favorite is not big brother looking at the camera and smiling… I always love the natural connection between the siblings more.  This right here is a true moment forever cherished!

Thank you so much for bringing your sweet baby boy in for his newborn photos!  I had a blast, and hope you cherish these photos forever!