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I had a blast last night for Taylor and Tim’s maternity portraits.  We were laughing and chatting the entire time.  The hour session flew by in no time at all.  I so appreciate when I get such down to earth clients.  It is also very nice to meet them before the baby arrives so we can get a feel for each other first too.  Now this way once baby boy comes along, we will be comfortable with each other!

Taylor and Tim were super fun.  They were down to do anything that I said, which I LOVE in clients.  I love that they completely and whole trusted me and what I envisioned!  Thank you so much Taylor and Tim!

Rochester MN maternity

We did their photos against the mountains in Palmer Lake, Colorado.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful location.  Minus the mosquito’s… it was amazing!

Rochester MN maternity

YES… I made her get in the water.  I mean how could you not?!?  Miss Taylor was more than willing though… she was just simply amazing!  I love the reflection of the mountains in the water, just perfect!

best maternity images rochester mn

Goodness… I just love this so very much!  The connection and love between these two is just so beautiful!  They were having so much fun, and I LOVE how caring Tim was for Taylor.  This all made for perfect photo 🙂

professional maternity photographer

I think this one here may be my favorite from the session… the tender touch and the loving embrace are just too much!  The stunning Colorado backdrop just tops this image off.  I am so very blessed to be able to work with such stunning couples and such an amazing location.

Thank you so much Taylor and Tim, I cant wait to meet the little baby!



Baby Gavin, you are just to cute for words!!!  How excited I got today when I peeked into his car seat and saw this full head of dark hair…. and to top it off he is a 8.5 lb chunk!  You are just too perfect, and I know mamma and daddy think so too!  I knew he was going to be a looker cause mom and dad are both stunning!  I got to do their maternity session a few weeks back, and I have been paitently waiting to see this cutie!

newborn images

Our first set up right here, and I love how Gavin looks with the warm brown tones!  The light shows off all of his adorable features… take a look at those cute little toes 🙂

baby photography

This one here is my favorite from the session.  Love his gentle little fingers on the wrap, and his head tilted to the light just so…  I think he liked it too cause he gave me the least fuss with this pose.  So soft and simple, it really shows off his perfect little details.

happy baby boy

LOOK at this big adorable smile!!!! It makes me happy just looking at it 🙂  DONT let this fool you though, Mr Gavin was not very happy with me today.  I honestly think he was having some tummy pains as he was super upset.  Mom said its his normal, so I will be waiting to hear what they find out at their next appt with dr.  For how upset he was today we still got some super amazing photos, which makes me very happy!

The time has come for one of my favorite grow with me clients to graduate from her first year program!! 🙁  Miss Quincy is ONE year old and happy about that!!  She was full of fun and spunk for her session yesterday evening.  It was a extra special session as well, because we included many of her family members!  These photos are going to be forever cherished in their family, and I am so very glad that I got to capture them!

grow with me photographer

We started our session in the studio so that we could get a few photos on props that she has used before.  It is so nice to show a variety of them to show how she has grown over the months in the same props.  She sure has gotten big, that’s for sure!

outdoor family photos

Gorgeous family right here!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they all coordinated their outfits so well!  This is Quincy’s grandparents from each side, aunt and great grandmother!  I think this one deserves a big print!

family pictures

I love how sweet this is.  The rocky mountains in the back is just perfect for a backdrop.  I am sure going to miss this family and I so wish I was going to be here when they decide to add another cutie to the mix… but I think Ill probably be moved back to MN by then! 🙁 They have been wonderful clients, and I am so thankful!

baby girl

Here is the princess right here… at the end of the photo session and still giving me smiles! Happy Birthday sweet baby girl 🙂

<3 much love to this family and thank you so much for being such amazing clients!!!

Yay for cute, adorable 6 month olds!!!  Grayson was my second 6 month old baby session yesterday, and he was just as awesome!!  Full of smiles for me!  I did his sisters photos almost 2 years ago, and he reminds me so much of her!  His facial expressions and his sticking his little tongue out. LOL cutest thing ever!  I did not see bis sister Hayden yesterday with him, but mom said we will do that for the next session.  That should be super fun, 2 year old and 1 year old all in my studio 🙂

Minnesota baby photographer

Full of smiles for me!  And oh my goodness how adorable is he!!! His adorable little bum and his fussy little hairs 🙂  This photo makes me super happy… this is exactly what we want when we think of 6 month baby!

6 month old images

Those EYES!!! They are just captivating… they make me want to just stare right at him forever.  Mom sure is lucky looking at this cutie each and every day!

baby photographer

Grayson was a little more serious once we got some clothes on him… he liked the naked pics best 🙂 LOL most babies do!  I still love this, his expression is just killin me!  Such a little stud in his little button up!  He looks like a ladies man right here!

Till next time Grayson, it was super nice to see you!!!


Yesterday morning I got to take 6 month photos of baby Leo.  My goodness has this little guy grown 🙂  He is the cutest chunk now, just full of rolls!!  And even though he is teething he was FULL of smiles for me!!  I just loved seeing him and his parents for their grow with me photos!

Rochester MN baby photos

Look at the gummy little smile… just brings happiness to my face!!  I get so excited when my newborns come back and see me… watching them grow is the funnest and most rewarding thing ever!

Rochester MN 6 month photos

Gotta get that close up of all of his beautiful baby features.  His chunky cheeks are getting me here… I just want to squeeze him right up!  Leo was just starting to move around… and as soon as we got him on his back he was ready to show off his skills of rolling over.  What a smart little boy 🙂

baby boy family images

Of course we needed to get a updated family shot as well!  Last time we did a family photo Leo was curled up in mommas arms…. just look how big he is now 🙂  That is one big reason right there that professional photos are such a special gift.  To be able to capture the growth of this little boy in his first year is such a blessing to me and this family!

Thank you so much for letting me capture your family again!  I love seeing you all and Mr. Leo is so handsome 🙂

My second baby for the day yesterday was Sophia.  She came all the way from Brighten for her newborn images, and that makes me feel pretty special!  I got to do photos of her big sister a while back, and it was so good to see them again and their new addition!  Let me tell you what… big sister LOVED her baby!  I had so much fun with these two princesses yesterday!

newborn girl smiling

Inst this just the sweetest thing you have ever seen!!!  An adorable little smile out of a pretty little lady!  And I know I have said it before, but I LOVE white for newborn images.  It is just so pure and fresh just like babies!

baby girl photography

Hehe, I had to work for this shot.  Miss adorable here was ready to be done, but I was not.  I do win often, and it is always worth the work to get the perfect image!

baby girl

LOVE x 100 here!!!! Sweetest pair of girls right here.  I know mom is going to be super happy for this one, as we were both working really hard to get some smiles!

I am so happy you all chose me for your newborn photographer, thank you!  It means the world to me that you trust me with your precious newborn!  Congrats and enjoy!