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Newborn Rochester MN

Meet sweet baby Issac, at just 10 days old.

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I will tell you right from the beginning, this sweet baby boy was just amazing today!  He was zonked when he arrived at my studio, and he slept almost the entire session.  He did wake up for a few minutes to eat, and he also decided to poo all over me 🙂  I always tell the parents, it’s just part of the job, and that it’s totally ok.  BUT it still is so funny every time it happens.  I walked away with a shirt full of poo!

BUT he did give me an adorable smile after he pooped… and I got a pic of that!  SO I guess it was worth it!

newborn images

Isnt he just darling!!!? This family drove to me right after 2 feet of snow!  They were bound determined to get great newborn photos!  I so appreciate that!

I always love this pose with babies.  I shows off their cute chubby cheeks… and let me tell you, I just wanted to smooch them so bad!  I did resist, however!

baby lips

Speaking of adorable little baby features… look at this!  Sweet little baby lips! I know momma will love this one… she is probably giving him smooches all over these lips!  I cant do a session without getting these macro images.  These are the small things that will so easy be forgotten as he gets bigger!

Baby posed for photos

Love using blue on boys!

I also got a ton of great images with him and his siblings.  Issac is the youngest of 4.  I was happily surprised to see how amazing his siblings were.  I hardly heard a peep out of them, and they gave me great big smiles for their photos with him.


Thank you so very much for coming to my studio for your newborn session!

I appreciate you choosing me, and can not wait to see Issac for his 3 month session!

If you or someone you know needs a newborn, baby or maternity photographer, you know where I am!