Pine Island MN Newborn | Bryce 10 days | Nicole McDaniel Photography

Pine Island MN Newborn

Meet Bryce, 10 days old and just ADORABLE!!

Minnesota baby photos

I was so excited for our newborn photo session today!! I went to school with Bryce’s mom, so it was nice being able to snuggle her little guy!

When I first saw Bryce, I about died.  He is 10 lbs of pure perfection.  I can hardly contain myself when I get a chunky little baby like this.  I just want to go in and kiss his little cheeks!  I am a little jealous that momma gets smooches whenever she wants 🙂

Baby photos in Minnesota

This photo is my favorite from the session!  I am so very glad that I picked out one of my bigger buckets, and had that ready.  I don’t thin he would have fit in my other ones!

He was SO picky on what side he wanted to lay on in this shot.  I turned him, moved him around and he just kept being persistent.  I finally had to move all my lighting and positioning around.  Whatever makes the babies happy, right?

newborn Pine Island MN

Here is a close up of his adorable features.  Look at his squishy cheeks and his long lashes!  He also has so much hair!!!  I always love this pose, to show off the sweet little baby bits!

newborn sibling photos

Gahhh, really?!?  How perfect are all of these boys?  4 boys!!!  I think mom is going to have her hands full, watch out ladies 🙂

These little guys were all SO good during the photo session, they listened to everything and followed right along!  What proud big brothers!


Thank you so much for choosing Nicole McDaniel Photography for your Pine Island MN Newborn photos! I look forward to seeing your little guy again and capturing more fun times in your family’s life!