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Rochester Baby Photos

Today I got to meet baby Tessa for her 7 month photos.  From the second I saw her, this little princess was full of smiles for me!  I loved doing her photos!

7 month photos

Her tongue!!! ADORABLE!!!!

She was so happy… you can tell when babies get super happy, that little tongue comes out!

I LOVE this picture so much… the deep rose pink, the smiley baby, and the cute little baby butt!!

7 month photo session

Tessa possed her self here and I LOVED it!  She loved rolling around in the blankets and it just turned out so beautiful.  She looks so sweet and innocent…

Miss Tessa is the youngest of 3.  Three beautiful girls… I was so happy to meet them all today!  These girls were so good, and so excited for photos!

Child pictures

This sweetie is the tom boy of the family 🙂  LOL you cant tell by this picture.  5 years old and full of fun!!!!  She was super ticklish and I told her I was going to tickle her… that always gets a good fun smile!

Child photos

And here were are, full of girl attitude 🙂 Here is out biggest girl, at 6 year old going on 21! HEHEH, she was a little poser and you can tell she will have tons of attitude and spunk for her parents!

But she is so gorgeous, and knew just what to do for photos!

I loved taking photos of all 3 of these girls!!! I am so excited to continue to watch them grow!!!!

Thank you so much for choosing Nicole McDaniel Photography for your baby session!!!